Lighting Repairs

We can rewire your vintage lights and restore them back to their former glory. If you have questions, feel free to call or text me at 845-246-8444.

Antique and vintage lighting pieces are some of the most interesting and beautiful out there. They are uniquely built, beautiful and often so out of the ordinary that they put modern lighting to shame. That being said, antique and vintage lighting is not made the same as modern fixtures and that means that it may be harder to get repairs done.

Fed-On Lights Antiques can work on just about any antique light you need repaired to help you restore it to its former glory. I specialize in a range of repairs including rewiring lamps and helping to modernize internal wiring of older lamps and fixtures. I also help to repair and replace sockets and plugs to help make your lamp fully functional.

Found the owner extremely friendly helpful. He fixed two lamps for me. He has beautiful inventory of vintage lamps and I am hoping I to get a few for my new house as I’ve been renting in Saugerties for 20 years.

Kari Rice

It's my goal to make sure that your lighting fixture leaves my workshop fully working and ready to install in your home, office or other space. I make sure to take on the jobs I can handle and I will provide a suitable referral for jobs that are outside of my expertise. Either way, you win!

I would be happy to inspect your lamp or lighting fixture and see how I can help. When you come in, take some time to browse the inventory in the store. All of my lights are already rewired and ready to be hung. You will also also find a small selection of shades, candle covers and chimneys that can enhance your favorite vintage lighting fixture.

Let's get your favorite vintage light back in proper working order. Call or text me at (845) 246-8444.

Had a wonderful shopping experience at this well stocked lighting store. I hate boring modern plain lighting. Give me cozy  Globed, Stained Glass, Tortoise shell romantic lighting any day to blaring mid century junk. When I walked in the store. I felt  like Alice in Wonderland,  so amazing, so much to  see and choose from.  The owner knows his stock, well and was very helpful and a little cute. Had the same shop, same place for 40 years in quaint Antique village Saugerties.  I love my lamps and was lucky to find a matching pair. My whole room looks gorgeous now!  I'll be back....  You got to see all the beautiful lighting to believe it!